From Swiping to Succeeding: The Dating Skills Test for Finding Love OnLine 

Are you an A-Dater with the specific skills required to capture the interest of men capable of more than just wasting your time, or are you stuck in online dating hell with virtually no strategies beyond the swipe?

Take this Quick Quiz to Find Out!


  • You likely get a lot of attention from men online, but just getting attention, meetings, and dates is likely not what you're looking for. Getting the right attention that leads to a viable relationship with someone you desire is what counts!
  • This test is designed to score you in regard to capturing the attention of men who are ready to have a real relationship if they meet the right woman. This takes a specific set of skills that once learned, make online dating simple, easy, and highly effective with the men who are ready, willing, and able to commit! 
  • DO NOT PICK WHAT YOU THINK OR FEEL IS THE RIGHT ANSWER. Answering anything other than what you would typically do in any situation will skew your results. Be sure to answer honestly for your honest evaluation!