GPS - The Groom Positioning System

10 Keys to Becoming “The One” in One Year or Less, Without Sacrificing, Struggling or Settling!  

This is a unique opportunity to be coached by me for 12 full weeks!  

You Will Get:

  •  An Individual 60-minute Destiny Detailing Call  
  •  Recorded Weekly Calls to Listen Back  
  •  Audiobook & PDF Copies of Why Won’t He Commit? How a Man Decides to Make You “The One.”  
  •  Full Access to 10 Key Courses  


- Instructive Videos  

- Comprehensive How-Tos & Quizzes  

- Strategy Suitcase full of Checklists, Roadmaps & Guides

In the GPS course, I will be your personal guide to:

  • Decoding his actions and behaviors
  • Recognize the behaviors that are putting stop signs up for your man (you don’t even realize you’re doing!)
  • Texting that works instead of texting that is distancing him
  • Daily practices to lessen your anxiety, shift your mindset, and behave in new ways that align with your purpose
  • Relating in new ways that bring him towards you willingly and joyfully.
  • Learn specific approaches and strategies that shift a man into seeing you as the woman he is destined to be with for a lifetime.

Whether you're just starting to date someone you like, or in a relationship... in order to be selected, you must be passionate about wanting to create and secure a committed relationship by this time next year.  

To be a candidate for this offer you need to: 

~ Be in a relationship or dating a special man  

~ Wish to take your current relationship to the next level  

~ Be able to be on a call on Saturdays from 11-2pm EST  

(Note: You only need to be available at some point within the 3-hour window to speak with me. You will also be receiving a recording so that you can listen back for any details you may have missed or want to hear again.)  

~ Review Key Materials & Videos  

~ Be willing and able to commit and invest in a 12 week romantic, life-changing journey!  

~ Be excited about seeing those changes and finally having a man you desire, desire you in EVERY way and want to commit!  


Schedule & Complete a 50-minute, Personalized, NO OBLIGATION Destiny Detailing Consultation ASAP to fill me in on all the details & see if the program is right for you.  

  On this call we'll talk about all that is happening for you and map out what it is that you need to get you on the road to your desired destination!  

Please understand that space is limited, and not everyone who applies can be accepted.  

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